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Adult Swim

Friday, July 26, 2019
5:30 PM–7:30 PM

Sea Center
Exhibitions and Interactives

Enjoy the Sea Center’s unique hands-on exhibits after the kids have all gone home!

Bring your friends or a date to get your hands wet touching friendly Swell Sharks, anemones, and sea stars. Enjoy breathtaking evening views of Santa Barbara’s coastline over a glass of Deep Sea wine and light nibbles (included with admission).

Go upstairs to our theatre to watch Aquatic Cathartic, a short documentary investigating the entangled roles of art and science in making the world a better place, and talk with one of the filmmakers. Then snap photos of our Instagrammable Moon Jellies, Two-Spot Octopus, and Mantis Shrimp.

Must be 21+ with valid ID.

Information: Contact Sea Center Visitor Services & Events Coordinator José Lobato at 805-962-2526 ext. 101 or


Tickets Not Available